Lugus® is the perfect complement for schools that are committed to transforming education with a digital device for every student. It is marketed together with a subscription and annual fee.

We have developed an “all in one” solution to help all the parties involved in a digital project to be successful: Head Teachers, ICT Administrators, parents and students.

Our software facilitates the task of the ICT Administrator, reinforcing and complementing the control and security functions that both Google and Microsoft offer in their software products, in real time.


Classroom Management

Easy to use as well as effective. The software has been designed with the objective of avoiding distractions in the classroom, for the benefit of both students and teachers. The teacher, at any moment, can pause all the screens, block access to the Internet, as well as deactivate the Internet filter on all the students´ devices in real time, regardless of what network they are connected to. This is a real innovation and solves the current connectivity issues at education centres.

Internet Filter

Students can always surf the web in a safe environment with their digital devices, either at school or at home. Teachers can deactivate this at any time within the classroom with a single click. The software incorporates the renowned Escudo Web® Internet filter, used by several local governments.


This allows you to locate a lost or stolen device. The function is only available for ICT Administrators during school hours, but it can also be used by parents using the Parental Interaction app, only when the device is not under the school´s control.

Digital Wellbeing

This is a system that allows the ICT Administrator, or the parents, to establish recommended breaks, such as during lunch time or at night. This functionality helps to prevent sleeping disorders and screen addiction.

Analysis and Monitoring

This function allows an educational institution to collect information related to Internet browsing and videos viewed by the students. It provides very useful information, which will help with the decision-making process for the configuration of the Internet filter.


The concept of digital parental interaction has been designed to support the involvement of parents with the task of supervision, in addition to creating a new model for digital coexistence at home, in keeping with the 21st century and digital natives. It facilitates the parents´ involvement with the surveillance and safety of their children.

It is important to highlight that this function, configurable by the parents on their own phone, can be activated by the education centre, only if it decides to allow them to do so.

The Parental Interaction app includes the innovative Please listen! function which allows parents to instantly pause their child’s device for a limited time in order to perform a specific task, such as meal time, shower time, time to brush their teeth or have a chat.

Added value

BYOD Chromebook

Is the ideal solution to start a digital schoolbag project that is based on Chromebook, Windows and Samsung tablets platforms. It allows the families to choose device after being given the minimum requirements by the school.


Our experience with schools over the last ten years has shown as just how essential it is to be there when needed. Lugus® isn’t just a software product, but a solution which includes services: technical support, ICT consulting, updates, implementation training and project follow-up.


The installation of Lugus® solution can be done easily only by the ICT Administrator from the Admin console of Google Workspace or Microsoft Intune in a matter of seconds. Lugus® is protected and the students can’t uninstall it


This is an innovative and decisive product, which adapts to all the organisational models that coexist in schools, applying different usage policies at each educational level. It allows for the evolution, according to the level of maturity, of the students. So, for example, some students after class could surf the web freely while others are protected by the Internet filter.

Without a doubt, this is the perfect complement to education based on one digital device per student.

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